Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small with Benjamin Moore

You will never find Benjamin Moore paints at big-box retail stores.

A Benjamin Moore retailer helps a homeowner find the right product for her project.
Since our founding in 1883, our company has stood up for local businesses by selling exclusively through locally owned and operated paint, decorating and hardware retailers.

  • The paint and hardware retailers that sell Benjamin Moore products are independently owned, NOT franchises.
  • The local paint stores that sell Benjamin Moore do not pay fees or royalties to Benjamin Moore.
  • Only independently owned and operated retailers are authorized to sell Benjamin Moore paint, stain and coatings.

We exclusively sell our products via locally owned stores.

All of these points add up to local business owners who proactively choose to sell Benjamin Moore products. In turn, they get robust support from Benjamin Moore, receiving world-class knowledge on paint and stain, and bringing that expertise to their neighborhoods.

Years of experience has shown us why our unique business model makes a difference when it comes to customer service. While there are many more, here are the Top 5 reasons to go to your locally owned paint stores:
1. Locally owned and operated paint retailers that sell Benjamin Moore products offer paint and color expertise.

Many Benjamin Moore retailers have been in the paint business for decades. They help you find the perfect paint color, finish, and product for your paint or stain project.

This insight upfront translates to a positive impact on the outcome of your project.

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“I only buy Benjamin Moore paint because it’s the best. The added support I get from my local store in choosing the right product and color is just another huge benefit.”

-Stacey Frazier, homeowner, Ramsey, NJ

2. Independently owned and operated paint retailers that sell Benjamin Moore products provide the personal service you need.

Don’t find a salesperson—find your forever contact. You can count on local stores selling Benjamin Moore for renovations, moves, refinishing projects, paint touchups—everything you need, for years to come. Many of the stores in our network are multi-generational, with paint expertise and insights being handed down over decades.

Team members at a locally owned paint retailer help you understand the whats and whys of your buying decisions, guiding you every step of the way.

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“They’re usually so busy at big-box stores. It’s harder to get people’s attention.”

-Mimi Wittstruck, Interior Designer, Austin, TX

3. Locally owned stores that sell Benjamin Moore products know your community.

Every neighborhood is different and unique, from the typical weather, home styles, local color trends, and curb appeal.

As pillars of their communities, independently owned and operated paint retailer owners and their staff understand the environment you live in—because they are an integral part of it!

A Caucasian woman with brown hair pulled back wearing sunglasses and a red tank top holding a puppy.
“It’s sunny here. All the time. My local Benjamin Moore store helped me land on a color and product that makes sense for my new house a few years back. And 5 years later, I’m still thrilled with the results.”

-Cynthia Hill, homeowner, Santa Monica, CA

4. Independently owned and operated paint stores that sell Benjamin Moore products invest in your neighborhood.

Entrepreneurialism is alive and well for locally owned stores that sell our products. From sponsoring local school sports teams to helping during floods, fires or other community challenges, these local retailers are invested in their neighborhoods. Check out this profile of Flagship Paints, a retailer from Houston Heights, TX to see the pride that store owners feel about their role in their communities. Many local stores have become established presences in their communities, supporting the needs of their neighbors.

When you buy Benjamin Moore paint, you support a local, neighborhood business. In turn, these businesses support the local community by offering jobs, tax revenue, and local flavor.

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“I appreciate that Benjamin Moore supports the local business community, and that their independent retailers are a vital part of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.”

-Doug Jones, homeowner, Atlanta, GA

5. Locally owned retailers that sell Benjamin Moore products connect you with painting contractors, color experts, interior designers and more.

A strong network can do wonders.

Your independent, locally owned paint store isn't all about paint. They are folks who are eager to help you find trusted home improvement resources. Knowing they come recommended is the icing on the cake.

A head shot of a Caucasian woman with brown hair wearing a white short sleeve blouse with green, purple, and red flowers.
“I spend a good chunk of time at my local Benjamin Moore when it’s time to pick colors to paint. So it made a lot of sense when I needed a new painter, to ask them for help.”

-Lisa Hindin, homeowner, Boca Raton, FL