Home in a Hybrid World, a book published

After some delay at the publisher mainly caused by corona my book is finally ready and accessible for download; many sincere thanks to all artists (Antony Gormley, Carlijn Kingma, Marwan Rechmaoui and Rob Voerman), reviewers Marja Elsinga, Frans Vogelaar & Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Gerald Santucci, Ruud Hazes and Tijmen Wisman and various column-writers who contributed to this final result. I look forward to the discussions and further developments, aiming at a structural change when it comes to (re)thinking and building our housing in a networked environment. This website will, in the coming months, also be devoted to the further discussions following  reading by as many researchers, artists and the professionals possible.

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book – publication

The Dutch organization for Interior Architects BNI has acknowledged the importance of the theme of the coming book and  announced it on their website, together with some additional information. In the coming days we discuss the option of a presentation and/or interview; preferably preceding a discusion since the topic is of much relevance for every interior-architects, in particular those involved in housing.

AIOTI, the Association of Internet of Things Innovation has also added a link on their October-Newsletter to the publishers website; here again the topic is important given its link with the internet of things and parallel technologies within the built environment.

het Nieuwe Wonen

Illustratieve en informatieve online AIR-sessie rond ‘het Nieuwe Wonen’ , met presentaties/lezingen van eerst Robert Winkel (MEI Arch.) aangevuld door Atto Harstra, Piet Vollaard, Annuska Pronkhorst en Wenda Doff. Nadruk; circulair, duurzaam, gezond en flexibel bouwen; voorbeeld m.n. het komende SAWA-woongebouw in Rotterdam dat vrijwel volledig met hout wordt gebouwd.


Home in a Hybrid World

For some two years now I have worked on a book about the triple theme of housing, technology and architecture; in particular focusing on the – sometimes complicated – issues caused by the fact that times are changing and our built environment, where it concerns housing, does not adapt. Housing is considered a traditional safe-haven, a protected private space in which we feel unseen. I believe this is no longer a realistic situation; we live – in Floridi’s words – in an infosphere, it is becoming complicated to withdraw from being connected, being part of an increasingly hybrid world. This book is written to discuss the problematic situation in which (Dutch) housing is for some 50 years.

The book will be published as an open-access book at RIVER Publishers early October 2020; for now the most interesting ‘Foreword‘ by Kas Oosterhuis is already accessible. I already would like to thank all  who have contributed and/or participated in this book; I owe them for their comments and critical reviews. Also; many thanks to `Antony Gormley for his willingness to make one of his fine images available for the cover. Furthermore: thanks to Carlijn Kingma, Marwan Rechmaoui and Rob Voerman for their fine images elsewhere in the book.

book to come

After 2 years of research and writing my book is (almost) ready for publication and its envisioned broad discussion. Yet to come is a language check as well as some editorial work; so far many, many thanks to all who contributed, participated, reviewed and reacted; first of all to Antony Gormley for the use of one of his works on the cover. Most probably its contents will be discussed at the coming ‘Stadsmakers Congres’ on November 6th. 2020 on a variety of locations in Rotterdam, organized by AIR.

For more information, see the publishers website


One- and a half year after its initial start in early 2019 the first draft of my book on architecture, technology and dwelling is now under peer-review by two carefully chosen professionals; after various chapters have been read by others with a specific discipline it is now time for a full reading. So far: many thanks to the first readers for their comments, many thanks to those who agreed to the use of images. I hope to receive the results of the  final reading back soon; after incorporating the comments the full text is edited by the publisher. More info soon…………

Gormley, space and architecture.

Illustrative interview made last November 2019 by Hans Ulrich Obrist with artist Antony Gormley, discussing the cloud, Joseph Beuys, architecture, nature and his child; so poetically present within the courtyard of the Museum. Questioning also; ‘how to envision or systems of connectivity to re-imagine our nature in nature’.

Antony Gormley in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist from Antony Gormley Studio on Vimeo.

Friedman; people’s architecture.

on February 21st. Yona Friedman – urban designer, architect, visionary, artist – passed away at the age of 96. His ‘People’s Architecture’ was based on three preconditions: these use of inexpensive elements, easy to assemble at a do-it-yourself level, easy to disassemble and reassemble. Compare this to today’s inflexible, unsustainable housing; time to rethink our current ways and look once again at Friedman’s ever actual work.

image: www.yonafriedman.nl 


In 2007 Anthony Vidler provided a lecture at the AA that is more than ever actual and important: ‘The Necessity of Utopia’ ; ‘utopia as a device for invention or radical intervention’.