Paint Colors

A vase, jug and bowl on a wooden dresser against a wall in a soft, pink-tinged brown paint color. A vase, jug and bowl on a wooden dresser against a wall in a soft, pink-tinged brown paint color.

Paint Colors

Easygoing, casual and effortlessly cool, the earthy colors of boho chic design reflect a relaxed vibe. Explore the dusty, nature-inspired tones in our boho paint color palette, and craft your own personal take on eclectic boho style.

Inspired by an explorer’s come-what-may spirit, the boho living space is layered, textural and imbued with global accents. Boho interior design elements include handcrafted textiles, rustic wood, indoor greenery, rich colors and patterns, street-found or vintage pieces, and much more.

Our clean, contemporary bohemian styles invite you to create a distinct design for a collected, layered boho space. Use our color palette and accent it with expressive hues, from jewel tones to saturated pastels to brights, for your own unique bohemian interior.
A gold-painted bedroom with a bed on a striped rug in front of a large window with beige curtains, featuring an end table and lamp.

The Boho Style Bedroom

Floor-to-ceiling drapes. Low-to-the-ground beds and seating. Loads of natural light. Creating a casual, carefree aesthetic is central to boho decorating.

Use a mix of comforting neutrals to infuse your bedroom design with a warm, relaxing glow. Place bohemian trimmings like pottery, pampas grass and dried florals against trendy mustards, ochres and other golden yellow hues.

Sunbaked colors like Dorset Gold HC-8, seen here, Concord Ivory HC-12 and the slightly more muted Spice Gold 1040, let you enjoy bold color saturation in an approachable way, while still synching with warm, natural boho chic textures and objects.
A white hammock in an exterior space with columns, a pool, and view of desert mountains and foliage.

A Boho Exterior: Inside Out

Boho design is all about rich textures; chunky textiles like macramé, rustic woods, and lush greenery. Whites, neutrals, and greiges can provide a clean backdrop for traditional bohemian furnishings like peacock chairs, hammocks, and basket swings.

Since boho design styles often focus on bringing the outdoors in, it’s easy to reimagine this exterior style in your living room, bedroom, or den. Here, layers of white paint create a simple style with design depth in Evening White OC-81 and Atrium White OC-145. Serene Opaline OC-33 and luminous White Dove OC-17, both from the boho palette, are also go-tos for a dimensional white look.
A white-painted living room with gray stone fireplace, gray couch, brown accent chair, and wooden table.

A Boho Living Room: Contemporary and Comfy

Asymmetrical layouts, variegated patterns and handcrafted textures are staples in boho décor. Placed in a clean, contemporary space, layers of colorful textiles deliver an unexpected twist.

Here, crisp Cloud White OC-130-painted walls create a perfect backdrop for antique rugs, outdoors-in surfaces like stone and granite, and a classic leather butterfly chair. In this bohemian living room design, door trim in Black Satin 2131-10 modernizes the look. For a softer, more rustic hue, consider Mississippi Mud 2114-20, Black Bean Soup 2130-10 and from our boho color palette, Stone Brown 2112-30.
A gray vintage-style chair in a brown-painted room with various necklaces on the wall and hung on a doorknob on a white door.

Tell a Story with Boho style

Boho design invites you to craft a tale of color and curiosity.

The best boho looks artfully mix a range of décor while inspiring wonder. Here, hanging jewelry as eclectic art, a sumptuous velvet chair, and gauzy white curtains meld effortlessly, evoking a magical, romantic ambiance.

Use unexpected, bold palettes like aubergine, burgundy and brown to breathe drama into bohemian design. We love Incense Stick 2115-20, New London Burgundy HC-61, and Desert Shadows 2114-30. For a lighter, more earthy touch that’s still saturated, consider Metallic Gold 2163-40 from Color Preview®, or a dusty pink paint color like Venetian Portico AF-185, from the boho color palette.
A white-painted bathroom with gray robes, wood-framed tub, boho baskets, and two sinks.

A Minimalist Boho Bathroom

Warm up a contemporary look with bohemian design elements like rattan, jute, cane, and Turkish-inspired textiles against a neutral palette. Woven baskets and blonde wood; succulents in terracotta pots and sleek white sinks: A modern Boho style bathroom blends soft and hard elements to an elegant outcome with serious spa-like vibes.

Bring your boho bathroom to life with Aura® Bath & Spa. Specially formulated to provide exceptional durability, color retention and mildew resistance in high-humidity environments. Forget shiny bathroom walls: Aura Bath & Spa elevates bathroom design with a sleek matte sheen that’s uncommon—and beautiful—in any bathroom.

In this bathroom, matte walls painted in Chantilly Lace OC-65 create a clean environment for relaxing, while bringing a softness to hard materials like wood and porcelain. Looking for more ways to liven up a modern space? Check out our contemporary paint color ideas.
An outdoor room with white siding, plants, a couch with mismatched pillows and yellow blanket, and a rug.

Outdoor Rooms, Boho Vibes

Comfort is key in boho design, and outdoors is no different.

Create an outdoor space as cozy as your comfiest indoor room. Welcome guests to your alfresco boho lounge with upholstered furniture, bright pillows, quilted blankets, woven sisal rugs and clay tiles. Envelop your outside room in soothing neutrals like Moon Shadow 1516, Jute AF-80, and from our Historical Collection, Richmond Gray HC-96.

Looking for more color ideas that pair harmony and ambiance? Check out our hygge color by style article for more inspiration.
A wooden chaise with linen bedding and blue fabric background.

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Gray dining area featuring a rustic table with books, vases, and branches, and chair topped with white fur blanket.

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