Casual Coastal Paint Colors

No matter where you live, dreamy coastal paint colors breathe carefree seaside vibes into any space.

A white painted hallway wall and door open into a coastal vibe home office with a pale-yellow painted shiplap wall and ceiling, a framed whale painting hanging over windows, a white desk and yellow chair, and a blue painted floor. A white painted hallway wall and door open into a coastal vibe home office with a pale-yellow painted shiplap wall and ceiling, a framed whale painting hanging over windows, a white desk and yellow chair, and a blue painted floor.

Casual Coastal Paint Colors

No matter where you live, dreamy coastal paint colors breathe carefree seaside vibes into any space.

Sandy neutrals, nautical blues, soft yellows, and easy-going white paint colors come together for a casual coastal color palette that radiates charm.

Paired with natural fibers, clean lines, and lots of sunlight, coastal hues assure effortless style. Accent these hues with sea glass, reclaimed wood, and sweet grass baskets to say “summer getaway” all-year round.
“Beachy, coastal hues are synonymous with relaxation. Why not bring these colors to your home year-round?”

Arianna Cesa - Color & Design Expert

A beach house entryway with off-white-painted walls, wired railing, striped runner, and light wood floor.

Easy Breezy: Warm White Paint Colors for Coastal Living

Shiplap is a staple of beachside cottages, Here, vertical shiplap meets a vaulted ceiling, helping to expand and open up a narrow hallway. Easy-breezy warm white paint colors and natural light paired with light wood-tone floors complete the airy, welcoming look.

Other favorite warm white paint colors we love include:

“Warm, bright white paint colors are extremely popular in our area,” says Art Prado, owner of Santa Barbara Paint Depot, a Benjamin Moore retailer in California’s classic coastal town. He cites Simply White OC-117 and Cloud White OC-130 as extremely popular in Santa Barbara area homes.
Entryway with blue-painted walls, white trim double screen doors with striped rug, and red chair.

Nautical-Inspired Paint Colors

Ocean-blue paint colors infuse any space with nautical-inspired reverie.

Consider using deeper blues as a neutral; they pair beautifully with almost any hue—think buttery yellows, pale greens or cozy taupes like Taos Taupe 2111-40.

Here, a candy-apple-colored chair and red-striped rug provide a burst of energy, a reminder that pops of primary colors are always a welcoming touch. Seaside blues we can’t get enough of include:

Pink-painted walls, white ceiling and trim, a wicker chair with yellow pillow, and gauzy white curtains.

Soft Paint Colors for a Seaside Escape

Pinks, peaches, and apricot hues—the calming, coastal colors of a summer sunset—bring a flattering glow to any space, and those inhabiting it. Marry Me 1289 (shown here), Sunlit Coral 2170-60, Juno Peach 087, and Mellow Pink 2094-70 all pair beautifully with earthy fibers like jute, sisal, and rattan.

The choice of paint sheen remains an important part of any room’s final look. In this bedroom, a variety of sheens—eggshell, semi-gloss and ultra flat—combine to add contrast and interest.

“I always recommend a matte finish,” offers Prado, citing matte as a “luxurious paint finish that offers amazing depth.” Here, a classic white ceiling in ultra-flat Waterborne Ceiling Paint, gets his approval.
A small, white-painted kitchen with yellow shelving accent wall and orange chairs around a white tulip table.

Coastal Chic Meets Coastal Kitsch

Play to the bright, saturated and playful side of our casual coastal palette with sunshine yellows, citrusy oranges and cheery reds. In this kitchen, marine-inspired plates and red gingham picnic table art add the perfect dash of colorful kitsch without overwhelming the space.

Here, Sunflower 2019-30 inset shelving brightens up a refreshing all-white-painted kitchen in White Heron OC-57. Opt for Honeywheat 179 for a softer, warmer yellow, or Weston Flax HC-5, from our popular Historical Collection, for something lighter and more versatile.

“For those looking for a bold pop of color in Santa Barbara,” adds Santa Barbara Benjamin Moore retailer Prado, “Heritage Red HC-181 is trending as a fun accent color.” Caliente AF-290, a former Benjamin Moore Color of the Year and Million Dollar Red 2003-10 are also playful options.
A white-painted kitchen with light blue-painted floors, red refrigerator and floating shelves.

Colorfully Painted Floors

Add seaside fun to any space with a blue or green painted floor. San Francisco Bay 802, a breezy blue favorite and a color from our casual coastal palette, seen here in quick drying Floor & Patio Latex Enamel, is a winning choice..

We love layering a range of white paint colors in the kitchen using the Off White Collection as a guide. If you're feeling overwhelmed with how to mix and match off-whites, create instant cohesion by using the same color on multiple surfaces with contrast coming by way of different finishes: In this kitchen, eggshell, ultra-flat and satin do the trick.
A mixing bowl against a Muslin OC-12-painted wall with white trim and a countertop with lemons and dish towel.

Sandy Neutrals for Sun-Baked Spaces

Summon sandy, warm beaches with neutral paint colors.

An easy backdrop for swapping out accessories and breathing vibrant colors into any space, neutrals are a staple hue in the coastal home. Beiges, taupes and greiges pair effortlessly with crisp white trim. A few combinations we love include:

Consider deeper off whites and neutrals on trim, with brighter white paint colors reserved for walls.
A sunny, light blue-painted living room with cozy white armchair, and an ocean view through glass door and windows.

Make Waves with Blues and Greens

Shades of blue and green are synonymous with coastal design.

“Soft blues are more popular than blue-greens right now in Santa Barbara,” says Prado, citing Ocean Air 2123-50, one of the casual coastal palette colors, as a quintessential beachy hue. Fresh Sea Foam 2123-60, mid-tone Sea Star 2123-30, and deep Caribbean Teal 2123-20 also bring ocean vibes home.

If you’re “all in” on one color family—be it blue, green, or something else—consider a monochromatic look. Our Color Preview® collection makes it easier to choose monochromatic color schemes since you’ll find the same hue, in different shades, all on one color strip.
A white-painted porch with turquoise-painted shutters, wicker chair, small white table, and espadrilles.

Coastal Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Ready to enhance your curb appeal? We love these exterior coastal colors:

Cozy and Classic
Pair warm white paint colors and sandy neutrals with deep blue accents:

Eclectic and Playful
Pair vibrant, feel-good colors with refreshing pales and crisp off-whites:

Pretty pale gray-painted home siding with a hint of blue-green, off-white trim, eaves and a blue bike leaning against one of two off-white garage doors.

More Coastal Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Fresh and Simple
Pair nuanced pale grays with luminous off-white hues for a classic and clean exterior look.

Explore southeast homes for more interior and exterior paint color inspiration.
A selection of Benjamin Moore paint color samples.

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