Color Palettes by Style

Use our expertly curated color palette ideas, organized by style, to inform and inspire your next project

An inviting entryway with dark green-painted wainscoting, white walls and trim, a large window, and a bench with a throw and pillows.

Craftsman Paint Colors

A serene dining room with off-white-painted walls, a light-gray ceiling and trim, black wood table and chairs, and wicker chandelier.

Minimalism Paint Colors

A dark purple-painted bedroom with white trim, a black and white striped headboard and pillow, and purple and white blankets.

Maximalism Paint Colors

A light-gray-painted built-in hutch with open glass doors, holding colored glassware and plates.

Art Deco Paint Colors

A collection of wooden utensils and other kitchenware on rustic shelves in front of a dark green-painted wall.

French Country Paint Colors

A light gray painted home with a blue door and stone front path, situated among tropical trees and vegetation.

Tropical Paint Colors

A retro style room with white painted walls and ceiling, a brown accent wall, large windows and a red chair.

New Retro Paint Colors

A white painted hallway wall and door open into a coastal vibe home office with a pale-yellow painted shiplap wall and ceiling, a framed whale painting hanging over windows, a white desk and yellow chair, and a blue painted floor.

Casual Coastal Paint Colors

Enclosed blue-painted cabin porch with modern table, chairs, house plants, and wall light.

Cozy Cabin Paint Colors

A hallway with white-painted walls and blue-painted wainscoting and trim.

English Heritage Paint Colors

A living room with gray-painted walls, traditional gray couch, gray table with green accents, and green velvet drapes.

Dark Glamour Paint Colors

An office with brown-painted walls, a long wooden shelf, and a matching wooden desk and chair with various decorations.

Eclectic Vintage Paint Colors

A kitchen with beige walls, two large arch windows, and an island with a sink.

Mediterranean Paint Colors

A vase, jug and bowl on a wooden dresser against a wall in a soft, pink-tinged brown paint color.

Boho Paint Colors

Off-white walls with yellow trim, modern end table and mobile on the ceiling.

Midcentury Modern Paint Colors

Gray dining area featuring a rustic table with books, vases, and branches, and chair topped with white fur blanket.

Hygge Paint Colors

A rustic white staircase with wooden handrail in an off-white room; a tote filled with rolled posters sits on the floor.

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

Dusty pink walls behind a rattan cabinet with an array of glass vases placed on top.

Contemporary Paint Colors

Pale pink walls with a painting and a tin bucket of pink flowers on top of a console.

Cottage Paint Colors