Dark Glamour
Paint Colors

A living room with gray-painted walls, traditional gray couch, gray table with green accents, and green velvet drapes. A living room with gray-painted walls, traditional gray couch, gray table with green accents, and green velvet drapes.

Dark Glamour
Paint Colors

A moody take on Hollywood Regency, we define dark glamour as an enchanting design style that mixes dark colors, deep jewel tones, and dusky neutrals with velvety textiles, statement-making chandeliers, and mirror-like metallics. Explore Benjamin Moore’s dark glamour color palette and bring an opulent twist to your home.

Host a dinner party with candlelight flickering against velvety, dark purple-painted walls. Bring a touch of glitz to your kitchen with emerald green-painted cabinets. Paint an unassuming accent table in dark navy with a high-gloss sheen. Our dark glamour paint colors are eye-catching and alluring, providing a backdrop for spaces soaked in mystery.
A dark gray entryway with mirror, door with large window, and an accent table with flowers on it.

Natural Stone–A Glamourous Addition

Marble, granite, and slate effortlessly infuse nature’s decadence into gothic-inspired interiors. Here, warm granite countertops bring elegance to this en suite bathroom, balanced with a fresh leafy-green bouquet.

Walls draped in Ebony Slate 2118-30, from the Color Preview® color collection, create a luxe, enveloping bathroom. A rich and intriguing balance of deep purple infused with black, Ebony Slate 2118-30 is one of many hues from our wide range of black paint colors—essential if adding sophisticated shades of black is on your design wish list.

Pair saturated shades like Dragonfly AF-510, French Violet 1427, and Pottery Red 2085-20 with elegant granite or marble for a statement-making space that exudes dark glamour.
A grand bathroom with dark brown walls and black trim, soaking tub, gold accents, and a dark gray entryway.

Layering Dark Paint Colors

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with moodier color palettes that soothe and relax. We love pairing Wenge AF-180 with Black HC-190, Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 with Soot 2129-20, and Hidden Falls 714 with Ocean Floor 1630 to create spaces with enveloping colors of grandeur.

Here, architectural details dictate the space. A large arch opens to an opulent bathroom with a porcelain soaking tub and sink–creating a space that is both romantic and relaxing. Walls in Barista AF-175 provide a stately atmosphere, with a rich contrast against trim in Flint AF-560. Golden accents and a warm, off-white ceiling provide the perfect finishing touches.
Dining room with glossy blue walls with a dining room table set with candlesticks & upholstered chairs with orange accents.

Heighten the Drama with a Glossy Sheen

Dark glamour is all about the theatrics of design. Using higher paint finishes like semi-gloss or high-gloss takes your look to the next level. A higher sheen lets the walls stand out against minimal décor, while deep shades like Love Affair 1266 and Tarpley Brown CW-170 elevate luxurious spaces. An added bonus? Higher sheens are easier to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

The dining room is an excellent place for high-impact paint colors. Here, a dining room with semi-gloss walls exudes refined elegance, ideal for hosting dinner parties or date nights. Shimmering Newburyport Blue HC-155 on walls and trim sets a romantic vibe, reflecting flickering candlelight. Understated accents and upholstered seating create the perfect space for enjoying a relaxing evening paired with a bottle of wine.

Dark glamour dining room colors we love including Kalamata AF-630, Sharkskin 2139-30, and Ruby Dusk 1267, make every meal an event.
Red-painted wall behind a white statue on a pedestal and a traditional wooden chair with a purple blazer draped on the back.

Beyond Black, Gray and Brown

In addition to peppery charcoals, chic black hues, and chocolatey browns, bold jewel tones provide the perfect backdrop for the dark glamour aesthetic: Think decadent amethysts, royal garnets, and inky sapphires. Saturated hues like Violet Mist 1437, Ming Jade 2043-20, and Stunning 826 bring a striking edge to spaces, and the right accents heighten the glam.

Pair jewel-toned hues with weighty furniture, heavy drapes, and velvety textiles to amp up the elegance and create a space reminiscent of an artist’s abode–a home to create, indulge, and entertain in.

Here, Dinner Party AF-300 walls in a matte finish create a striking, yet soft, backdrop for luxe seating. Dinner Party AF-300 is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Affinity® Color Collection, a selection of 144 colors expertly formulated to mix and match, creating harmonious color flow from room-to-room.
A black-painted bedroom with cream bed, wooden accent tables with pots and flowers, golden mirror, and white drapes.

Natural Light, Dark Glamour

Light is a vital part of the paint selection process, and the direction it comes from can change how it looks in a room.

When it comes to dark glamour, deeper colors in large, well-lit spaces increase the coziness. Consider lighter hues on the floors for contrast and depth. Bring in cozy throws for comfort and incorporate furniture with soft edges and rich textures. Consider using a dark ceiling paint color to infuse gothic glam into any space.

Whether wrapped in a dramatic dressing gown or in your favorite sweats, Soot 2129-20 adds an instant dose of luxe to your bedroom. This deep charcoal gray paint color creates a relaxing backdrop for a neutral linen bed, contemporary wooden furniture, and a gilded mirror. Creamy ceiling-to-floor drapes add luminosity to this welcoming boudoir.
A black dining room with white trim and wainscoting, ornate chandelier, black table and chairs, and additional seating.

Chandeliers, Velvet, Candlelight: Statement-making Design Elements

Tapered candles in a home office, a glimmering chandelier over a dining room table, and sumptuous area rugs–dramatic accents are mainstays of dark glamour design.

In this gothic-inspired dining room, a wrought iron chandelier creates the focal point against always-luxe Black Ink 2127-20. Crisp, bright white trim in Chantilly Lace OC-65 highlights the architectural details often found in these spaces. Other go-to white trim paint colors include Decorator's White OC-149 for a clean, bright look, and White Dove OC-17 for a more muted white with slightly less contrast.

Looking for more paint pairings to bring dark glamour to your home? We love mysterious Cheating Heart 1617 with Seapearl OC-19, and Lucerne AF-530, a luscious midtone blue, with Midnight Navy 2067-10.
A dining room with green walls and a navy cabinet, featuring a portrait in a gilded frame and gold tea set.

Moody Metallic Accents

When it comes to opulent styles, turn up the glam with polished, mirror-like metals that pop against dramatic, color confident walls. Accent your space with antique copper, brass and gold for a decadent look. Use ornate frames to accentuate vintage objet d'art or antique portraits. Let reflective metallics become the finishing touches of your space, echoing natural light back onto the dark walls like diamonds in moonlight.

Try using a deeply saturated hue against a vivid color for a striking color pairing. Here, a Hale Navy HC-154-painted credenza against Beau Green 2054-20 walls with glimmering accessories makes a theatrical statement.
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