Dining Room Color Ideas & Inspiration

An open, modern dining room with a brown-painted accent wall and three large windows, a white ceiling and side wall with sliding glass doors, and brown granite kitchen island in the forefront. An open, modern dining room with a brown-painted accent wall and three large windows, a white ceiling and side wall with sliding glass doors, and brown granite kitchen island in the forefront.

Dining Room Color Ideas & Inspiration

When deciding on dining room paint colors, let your entertaining style be your guide.

Serve up style with our handpicked selection of dining room colors. Whether your style is rustic or contemporary, we’ve got the hues you need to make a strong design statement and give the space a special occasion attitude—even if you dine there every night.

Rustic Dining Room Colors

Keep it natural with this classic color palette.

Contemporary Dining Room Colors

Try these cool hues for a modern design style.

Jewel-Toned Dining Room Colors

Go bold and create a focal point with color.

Create an intimate place for guests to gather with deep, bold hues on the dining room walls and ceiling, or ease yourself into more saturated colors with an accent wall.

-Molly Lynch, Color & Design Expert

A dining room corner with bold coral painted walls with a hint of pink, wood chairs, a gold cloth draped over a table, and a picture leaning against one wall.

Bold & Beautiful: Dining Room Wall Ideas

When you want to make an impact, you can’t go wrong with designing for drama. The dining room isn’t a space you settle into for long periods of time, so it’s an opportunity to use a strong color that is both elegant and dramatic. Rich, warm reds and corals, like Color of the Year 2023 Raspberry Blush 2008-30, create lush, indulgent spaces. For an even bolder look, try using it on the ceiling to create a sumptuous space perfect for hosting a dinner party or a candlelit date night.

If you want a dramatic look with a little less saturation, try a metallic-inspired hue like Marblehead Gold HC-11 or silvery Violet Mist 1437, which will work with lighting to create a glowing effect.
An elegant style dining room with a warm, off-white painted wall and ceiling, mixed wood furniture, a gold mirror and chandelier, beige drapes, and gold area rug.

Dining Room Wall Décor, Art, & More

When choosing a paint color for a dining room—or any room—consider your wall décor. Many elements can inspire you, from the furniture that’s front and center, to the décor you choose to display. For a pulled-together look, let your accents be your guide: wood tones, fabrics, and other accessories can be a huge help when deciding on color.

Here, Capri Coast OC-87 acts as a neutral backdrop, while the vintage mirror, ornate chandelier, and flowering bouquet take center stage, creating an elegant dining area. Jewel tones, like the green fabric on the chair, make for an eye-catching pop of color that will have your guests talking.
A blue-painted hallway with white trim and ceiling, looking into a sunlit white dining room with wood ceiling beams, simple white furniture, and a wood top table.

Be A Good Neighbor: Dining Room Color Flow

To create design flow in the main living areas of your home, consider rooms that are adjacent to the dining room when picking a paint color. Though you don’t have to match the colors of neighboring spaces exactly, your home may flow better visually if the colors relate. Here, a serene dining room in White Drifts OC-138 is framed by White Drifts trim and hallway walls in Mineral Alloy 1622, creating a peaceful transition from room to room for guests and inhabitants alike.

Some of our favorite dining room color combinations for optimal color flow are:

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An airy, white-painted dining room with two yellow-painted alcoves, yellow decorative plates, dark wood ceiling beams, a rustic metal chandelier, and a round wood table and chair.

Dining Room Accent Walls

Unlike kitchens or living rooms, dining rooms present a unique design opportunity thanks to their singular purpose: To provide a beautiful space in which to gather, nurture, and indulge. No matter how often or formally a dining room is used, an accent wall—or color—can add dimension and drama to a room that may frequently be in the background.

In this southwestern-inspired space, sunny York Harbor Yellow 2154-40 pops against Atrium White OC-145—a fresh white paint color with a touch of pink. Textured furniture, yellow wall décor and natural accents further tie everything together, evoking the region’s warm, grounded energy.
A modern apartment dining area with a dark brown-painted accent panel on a white wall, crate wall shelves, a wood table and chairs, and orange and brown table runner.

Dining Room Color Ideas: Delineating Space

If you live in an open concept space, especially a small one like a loft or apartment, delineating a space exclusively for dining can be difficult. We suggest using different paint colors to designate a dining nook, allowing you to create a space that lends itself to meals and gatherings of all kinds, whether it be dinner, your morning coffee, or a midnight snack.

To achieve this look, using a bold hue to break up otherwise neutral spaces is key. In this dining area, a wall painted in homeowner-favorite White Heron OC-57 is elevated by a band of Wenge AF-180, a deep chocolate standout from the Color Trends 2023 palette. Wooden accents and a retro tablecloth further add to the charm.
Want more color ideas for your dining room painting project? Check out our color collaboration with Le Creuset®!

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