Eclectic Vintage
Paint Colors

An office with brown-painted walls, a long wooden shelf, and a matching wooden desk and chair with various decorations. An office with brown-painted walls, a long wooden shelf, and a matching wooden desk and chair with various decorations.

Eclectic Vintage
Paint Colors

Vintage interior design is all about mixing furniture, décor, and inspiration from different eras. A charming style for those who surround themselves with objects infused with history and character, vintage design brings a sense of nostalgia to your home.

Vintage-influenced design encompasses decades, even centuries of inspiration. From the geometric opulence of art deco interiors, to the functional, sleek lines of midcentury modern, a vintage look infuses your home with romance.

Our eclectic vintage color palette provides the ideal backdrop to display and enjoy your own vintage furnishings and accessories, setting the perfect tone for Sunday afternoons by the record player.
A white-painted living space with a cabinet filled with books, a brown credenza, mirror, and white dining chair with red seat.

A Fresh Spin on Vintage Style

How do you achieve a vintage home interior without looking old fashioned?

“The right paint colors can unify and add freshness to an eclectic, vintage-inspired space,” says Nivara Xaykao, Benjamin Moore color and design expert. Turn to museums and art galleries for inspiration. White walls from floor to ceiling create a striking, immersive look without overshadowing statement pieces.

This warm living space in White Opulence OC-69 allows the furnishings to take center stage. Treads and trim in Decorator’s White OC-149 provide a sleek style in layered white paint. Books lined along the stairs bring personality to the space.

Looking for more white paint color pairings? Try Baby’s Breath OC-62, from the vintage palette, and Seapearl OC-19.
Taupe-painted library with built-in shelves, books, emtpy frames, and a large armchair.

The Home Library

The library, the study, the reading nook–restful spaces made for reflection, relaxation, and the occasional hour of work. Painting walls and furnishings with a neutral paint color creates a quiet backdrop for collected objects in this peaceful space.

This reading room features a bookcase, ideal for displaying meaningful objects that express your personality, while creating a key focal point. You don't need built-ins to get this look–tall bookcases or floor-to-ceiling wall shelves can add architectural depth to any room–with a coat of ADVANCE® for a sleek, professional finish. Baubles, books, and frames take focus on shelving painted in Edgecomb Gray HC-173, a timeless greige with a modern edge. A satin sheen adds a dramatic touch to any paint color.
An eclectic kitchen with dark blue counters, white cabinets, a red stool, and various kitchen utensils.

Your Vintage Kitchen, Curated

The kitchen offers a welcoming place in the home to embrace an offbeat, vintage look. Mismatched dishware, hand-me-down counter appliances, salvaged art, and refurbished industrial elements all come together in this uniquely functional space.

Play with the cottage-like charm of vintage style by using contrasting colors on lower and upper cabinets. Amazon Green 2136-30, seen here on the bottom cabinets, provides a beautiful base for kitchen cabinets of White Ice OC-58. Backsplash in Morning Sky Blue 2053-70 lightens the room for cooking, entertaining, and enjoying your morning cup of tea.

Consider Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20, from our vintage palette, on cabinets. This popular blackened blue is ideal for a stroke of bold paint color to ground an artfully cluttered kitchen. Other deep hues we love for bold vintage cabinets are Sharkskin 2139-30, Silhouette AF-655, and Hudson Bay 1680.
A blue-painted living room with velvet couches, patterned armchair, stools, book shelf, and wall art.

Interior Designer Ellie Cullman on Vintage

“Our designs typically include antique, vintage and hand-crafted items,” says Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis, an interior design firm featured in Benjamin Moore’s Design P.O.V. series. “This mix creates interiors which are personal, meaningful and original—truly eclectic in the best sense of the word.”

In this opulent living room, designed by Cullman & Kravis, global influences come together seamlessly. An eccentric mix of vintage seating invites guests to stay awhile and admire the colors, textures, and patterns at play in this charming space, from the ornate rug to the tiger-striped armchair.
A pink-painted wall featuring a mirror and a variety of fish and flower paintings.

The Vintage Accent Wall

When dressing up a vintage room, consider an art wall–the right arrangement of frames and a bold paint color can turn any space into an elegant salon.

Here, an ornate mirror and collection of vintage wall art pair beautifully with a wall painted in Delicate Rose 2008-50. Our vintage palette features a more subtle pop of pink with Heirloom 023—another excellent option to display your décor.

Bring vintage home vibes to the 21st century with the bold, period-inspired paint colors of the Historical Color Collection and Williamsburg® Color Collection.
A gray-painted bathroom with white wainscoting and various wall art, large windows, pedestal sink, and tub.

Retro Design, Anywhere

The vintage aesthetic is maximalist–a confident, highly unique style matched with bold color statements. The vintage bathroom is a fun place to be creative and achieve that retro look.

Here, the art wall is taken a step further with an array of paintings, prints, and décor that bring the homeowner’s personality to the forefront of the space. Stormy Sky 1616 on upper walls provides the perfect balance–breathing a sense of sophistication into this vintage bathroom.

Other deep hues against which to display estate sale treasures include Amherst Gray HC-167, Knoxville Gray HC-160, and Wenge AF-180.
A gray armchair in front of a large window in a beige-painted room featuring a large frame.

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