Entryway Color Ideas & Inspiration

An off-white entryway with staircase and wooden bench is airy and light. An off-white entryway with staircase and wooden bench is airy and light.

Entryway Color Ideas & Inspiration

When choosing colors for your entryway, think about how you want to greet your guests–and how you would like to be greeted too.

Whether with a warm neutral or a deeper hue, your entryway’s paint color immediately sets a mood. On the practical side, entryways are high traffic areas, so a highly washable and durable product, like Regal® Select Interior, is ideal.
A front door opens into a pale green entryway featuring a console table and two colorful side chairs.

An Elegant Welcome

The entryway is a transitional space that family and guests spend only a brief amount of time in, so opting for soft, welcoming neutrals is always a popular choice. Lighter color paint on walls keeps the entryway area open and airy. Neutrals also offer seamless color flow into surrounding rooms.

You can add liveliness to neutral colors by mixing and matching several choices on wainscoting, trim and walls. If space allows, consider an accent piece like a small table or colorful chairs to layer in details that are both practical and pretty.
A deep red entryway does double duty as  mud room with several pairs of boots lined up next to an upholstered bench.

Big, Bold & Sensible

Using bold colors makes for a strong and memorable first impression that often reflects the personality of those who live there. Darker hues can help add definition to smaller spaces. Make sure you view the entryway from multiple angles to ensure the chosen color will complement connected rooms.

Darker colors can also provide a dose of practicality as they hide dirt better than lighter shades, making them great for grand entrances and small mud rooms alike. Along with a stroke of drama, darker hues meet the challenge of messy dogs and running kids head on.

The back of your front door is yet another option for deeper color in your entryway. Watch our how-to video for tips on painting an interior door.

An entryway to a home with white-painted walls features an open black-painted door and a red, metal chair.

Let There Be Light

Because of dramatically changing lighting in your entryway, from sunshine to artificial light, testing paint colors before you buy is essential. Check out your paint color selections with the door open, partially open, and fully closed during both day and night. Order paint color samples online, or pick up them up in store at your local Benjamin Moore retailer. Learn more about how paint samples can help you select paint color with confidence.

Design-wise, look to fresh greenery, desert climes, urban steel—whatever is just beyond your front door as inspiration for choosing paint color for your entryway.
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A painting contractor rolling white paint onto a primed wall.

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A Benjamin Moore paint color sample.

Buy a Paint Sample

Test your paint colors from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions.