Adding Jewel-Toned
Paint Colors into Your Space

A dark blue-painted room with black framed mirror and crystal glasses on a table. A dark blue-painted room with black framed mirror and crystal glasses on a table.

Adding Jewel-Toned
Paint Colors into Your Space

Amethyst, ruby, sapphire, emerald—these precious stones spur thoughts of glamour and royalty. In home design, jewel-toned rooms present luxurious spaces for lounging, creating, and entertaining. Breathe these hues into your space and set a sophisticated, elegant tone.

Jewel-tone colors are rich and highly saturated hues that often feature a hint of black, which grounds the color—and heightens the drama. From deep reds and purples, to vibrant blues and greens, discover the depth of these decadent shades.

Jewel-Toned Paint Colors

Use these rich, saturated colors to infuse your space with style.

An opulent dining room with blue-painted walls, ceiling and fireplace, and a chandelier over a large wooden dining table and chairs. The style is classic with an exotic twist.

Elevate Everyday Spaces

From a jewel-toned bedroom in Dark Burgundy 2075-10 to a striking living room in Ebony King 2132-20, moody, deep hues instantly set the scene for a dramatic space. Indulge your inner royal with luxe furnishings paired with a bold hue.

Colors like Galápagos Turquoise 2057-20, Radicchio CC-32, and Gemstone 265 bring a touch of enchantment into every space. Here, Spectra Blue 2049-50 turns a glamorous dining room into a jewel box. The semi-gloss ceiling provides a subtle contrast against eggshell walls, and a gold chandelier creates a look that balances traditional with exotic.

Looking for a selection of saturated colors that bring spaces to life? Explore Color Preview®, a collection of 1,232 hues offering expressive colors across the spectrum, from bright and vibrant, to more subtle versions of the same hues.
White kitchen with blue-painted kitchen island, yellow door, modern light fixtures, and large windows.

Jewel Tones: Starting Small

Jewel-toned paint colors conjure ornate furnishings and opulent décor, however they are also quite versatile. You can use a jewel tone to dress up a neutral room with simple furnishings.

If you’re not ready for a high quotient of saturated shades, a small wink of color still offers big impact. Use gem tones on your front door, window trim, an old dresser, or your kitchen island. Smaller opportunities to add pops of color are all around you!

Here, a kitchen island in Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30 looks fresh against walls in Paper White OC-55. Marblehead Gold HC-11 provides subtle contrast on the doors–the finishing touch to a palette reminiscent of a tropical palace.

For rooms with neutral-colored walls, consider adding a touch of glamour by painting your ceiling with a saturated hue. Often called the “fifth wall,” painting your ceiling brings a playful pop of color into a space. Consider Rapture CC-66, Blue Grotto CC-964, or Graphite 1603 for a colorful, elevated twist on ceilings.
An entryway painted in Delicate Rose, with Niveous trim, a collection of wall art, large doors, and ornate chandelier.

Light & Luxe: Delicate Jewel Tones

Luxurious and versatile, jewel tones come in a wide spectrum. Softer, more romantic shades exude a welcoming energy. Jewel-inspired hues we love include light blue Sonoma Skies 737, lilac Amethyst Cream 2071-50, and turquoise-green Celadon 590. Use a contrasting off-white paint for trim and moldings to play up the jewel tones.

Not ready to commit to a full jewel-toned red? Here, Delicate Rose 2008-50 offers a great alternative in an inviting and lively entryway. Paired with wood tones and white trim, this jewel-inspired pink provides the perfect “welcome home.”
A pomegranate-colored wall with an open dark gray-painted door and table with books.

Jewel-Toned Pairings

When it comes to color pairings for jewel-tones, sumptuous options abound. Add in other saturated colors and textures for a deep, moody vibe. Or, opt for a less intense touch with a jewel-toned accent wall paired with classic neutral colors.

While time-honored white trim may be your first thought against deeper hues, more dynamic options are worth exploring.

Painting walls and trim the same jewel tone using different sheens creates an eye-catching look. Here, lush Pomegranate AF-295 in matte on the wall and satin on trim delivers subtle dimension. Ebony King 2132-20 in semi gloss on the door deepens the dramatic look further.

Other jewel-toned color pairings we love include walls in Laguna Blue 2059-30 and a similar blue like Marine Blue 2059-10 for a saturated and dynamic monochromatic look. For a bigger, bolder approach, go for an accent wall in Electric Orange 2015-10 paired with walls of crisp Mountain Peak White OC-121, for a space with a sun-kissed glow.
A green-painted living room with green-printed couch, stone end table, glass coffee table, and bookshelves matching the walls.

The Power of Sheen in a Jewel-Toned Room

“When it comes to jewel tones, an eggshell or matte offers understated elegance, while a higher gloss ramps up the drama,” says Hannah Yeo, a color and design expert for Benjamin Moore. When selecting sheen, consider the vibe of the room you are painting. Semi-gloss walls will make a statement, while eggshell or matte walls create a backdrop for your designs to flourish.

Consider using different sheens on different surfaces, a creative way to bring dimension into any space.

Here, this jewel-toned living room features Amazon Moss 2037-10 walls and ceiling, with darker green Rainforest Foliage 2040-10 on the doors and trim. This subtle color contrast is emphasized with differing sheens, with ADVANCE® in high-gloss on the trim and walls of AURA® Interior in matte. A glass end table and emerald décor are the finishing touches to this jungle-inspired sitting area, the ultimate jewel-toned living room.
An oval wooden table with just blown-out candles, small plates, and silver goblets against a deep purple wall.

Reflecting on Dark Jewel-Toned Colors

Amp up moody hues by layering deep jewel tones with contrasting finishes. Dynamic and dramatic, reflective surfaces against flat, matte or eggshell finishes create a vampy space ideal for savoring a glass of red wine, lighting tapered candles, and enjoying the meal of a lifetime.

Here, walls in Shadow 2117-30 set the scene. Reflective dinnerware and candleholders topped with black candles echo the glamorous vibe of this amethyst-inspired paint color. Other dark jewel tones we love include Salamander 2050-10, Night Shade 2116-10, and North Sea CC-932. Pair these saturated shades with sumptuous textures like smooth leather, velvet chairs, and fluffy throw pillows to create more texture and dimension in a jewel-toned space.

Colorful Paint, Inspired by History

Looking to reinvigorate your historical home? Or do you just love vintage vibes? Be sure to check out the Williamsburg® color Collection. Vibrant shades were common in historical homes, and many of the colors in these color collections are a reflection of this color legacy such as Buffett Green CW-535, Carter Plum CW-355, and Washington Blue CW-630.
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