Color by Region

A white-painted house with a yellow door, and green bushes and grass in front. A white-painted house with a yellow door, and green bushes and grass in front.

Color by Region

The perfect blend of classical and contemporary tastes: Our Northeast paint color palette takes its cues from the traditional style of timeless New England homes, coastal Cape Cods, and the modern sophistication of the city skyline.

The Northeast conjures rain-fed forests, sparkling cityscapes, and snowcapped hills. With the changing of seasons and the diversity of northeastern landscapes, our Northeast-inspired color palette offers balance and versatility for every home.
A black-painted house and front door flanked by trees in front yard.

Go for a Deeper Exterior Paint Color

The aesthetic you choose for your home exterior must suit winter’s frost, summer’s glow, and amber autumns. Dark exterior home colors offer a dramatic design choice for ever-changing seasons.

Black-painted exteriors offer the versatility of neutrals with the visual impact of bolder hues. If you seek a modern look for your home exterior, consider these favorite dark exterior hues: Black HC-190, Kendall Charcoal HC-166 and Dragon’s Breath 1547.

If black paint colors are a bit too dramatic, opt for deep reds, greens or blues for exteriors. We love Evening Dove 2128-30 and Lush AF-475 and Heritage Red HC-181, from the Northeast paint color palette.

Evergreen colors like black, gray, neutral and white are always popular choices for all-season regions. And remember, if you have vinyl siding, be sure to use a vinyl-safe exterior color.
A room with a two-toned white and green painted wall, a white ceiling, and green fireplace mantel, wood flooring and two windows.

The Painted Fireplace—A Striking Focal Point

A brick fireplace with an oversized wooden mantel is classic northeast, a nod to the region’s colonial and English heritage. While your inner preservationist may lean towards an unpainted, traditional look, applying a vibrant coat of paint provides breathtaking results.

When searching for hues for a mantel, our Historical Color Collection offers 191 time-honored paint colors inspired by American History—so it is a great place to start.

If you’re looking for winning paint color combinations, check out the Affinity® Color Collection: You’ll find 144 expertly curated hues that mix and match seamlessly, including Lush AF-475 and Paper Mache AF-25, seen in this two-toned living room.

Deep, rich hues we love for mantels include Gravel Gray 2127-30, Polo Blue 2062-10 and Black Bean Soup 2130-10.

Ready to Explore More Northeast Inspired Paint Colors?

Use the free Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio® app to view our Northeast color palette in your space using the photo and video visualizers. Browse our website to explore our collection of classic, evergreen color palettes.

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