Color by Region

Southwest home with white exterior and clay roofing. Southwest home with white exterior and clay roofing.

Color by Region

Earthy Southwestern colors pair beautifully with handcrafted textures, adobe, wood beams and other majestic regional influences to evoke a serene, sunbaked warmth.

Infuse your home with the grounded energy of a Southwestern color palette including ochre, sand, muted greens and other terrestrial hues.
Southwest-inspired bedroom with Palladian Blue walls and Atrium White ceiling.

Create a Southwest Interior Color Palette

From the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona to the mountains of Colorado and the southern tip of California, the Southwest color palette offers radiant, invigorating colors as well as organic and calming ones.

Traditional Southwestern style reflects Native American, Spanish and agricultural influences. If you’re looking to refresh a southwestern look, add a few modern design elements into your room. Here, walls in soft and airy Palladian Blue HC-144, an Eames-style rocking chair, and a sleek pendant light add a dash of energy to the southwestern motifs and handwoven textiles.

Stronger Southwest-inspired colors like Garrison Red HC-66, York Harbor Yellow 2154-40 and Driftwood 2107-40 are great options for an accent wall to set off art and treasured objects.
A back patio area opens to gorgeous mountain vista.

The Easy Elegance of Southwestern Style

Whether you have a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada or a more modest backyard adorned with your favorite flowers and shrubs, off-white is always a popular color choice for home exteriors, including stucco.

Given the region’s sun exposure, whites like Evening White OC-81 and Atrium White OC-145 are smart choices since they don’t absorb as much heat as darker colors do. A white painted exterior is also a go-to backdrop for accents like terra cotta pots full of flowering succulents, teak furniture, or the classic hammock. If you want a hint of color outside, consider Shaker Beige HC-45 or Louisburg Green HC-113, paint colors that harmonize beautifully with a Southwestern landscape.
Gated driveway on a southwestern style home overlooking a scenic mountain range.

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