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What is a Virtual Color Consultation?

A color consultation is a discussion between a homeowner and a color consultant where interior or exterior paint color goals are discussed, and options are suggested to achieve these goals. The color consultation is apt to include talking points such as the desired mood or style, concerns centering on colors that will, or will not, work for the project, and considerations such as coordinating color with existing elements. On the day of your appointment, you’ll meet with our Color & Design expert for 30 minutes via a provided Zoom link.

Before Scheduling Your Appointment

Be prepared to provide details of your project and desired outcome. Our Color & Design experts will suggest colors based on the information you provide—so the more we know about you and your project, the closer we’ll be to getting it right. Please note that while our consultants are happy to work with you on your color journey, it is up to the homeowner to make the final color decisions.

For the optimal consultation experience, we request that you provide photos of your space. Photos are the best way for us to get a feel for the room and its existing elements; our consultants will be able to understand the lighting and other factors that have a substantial effect on color selection. These details will help in reaching color selections that are right for your project, while helping you move closer to making color decisions.

Photo Taking Tips

  Provide photos at 72dpi or higher.

  Aim for 1250px in width or height—the bigger the image, the better the rendering.

  Clear the room of distraction, including people, personal effects, and pets.

  Ensure the room has good lighting. Natural, mid-day light is preferred.

  Leave the items that will stay in the room.

  Try to capture floor to ceiling when possible; landscape photos generally work better.

  If you cannot capture the full room, provide multiple photos capturing different areas of the room.

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Consultations are currently available for US residents ONLY.

Deep blue painted walls in living room

Interior Project — $50

Our Color & Design expert will help you select colors for any room inside your home, including wall, trim, ceiling, and/or accent colors. For an optimal experience, an image of your room is strongly encouraged, however, we can work with an inspirational photo.


  • Color discussion and selection for one (1) interior room
  • 30-min Zoom call
  • Five (5) 4x8 Color Swatch samples (mailed to your home post-consultation)
Gray stone masonry leads up to a modern home with black siding and shed-style aluminum black roofing.

Exterior Project — $60

Let a Color & Design expert help you find hues for your home’s exterior, including façade, trim, doors, shutters, and/or garage. We will help you select colors while taking into consideration your home exterior’s architecture, regionality, the surrounding neighborhood, and any fixed colors and materials. For an optimal experience, a photo of your home is strongly encouraged.


  • Color discussion and selection for one (1) exterior home
  • 30-min Zoom call
  • Eight (8) 4x8 Color Swatch samples (mailed to your home post-consultation)

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Image Rendering – $30

For an even better experience, we offer an optional image rendering service, which can be added to your consultation for an additional $30. This includes one (1) photo, rendered in three (3) different color schemes discussed during the call. Please note that image renderings are sent 5-7 business days after the consultation. If you’d like to add an image rendering to your consultation, please check the “Image Rendering” add-on box at the time of scheduling.

A photo of your space is REQUIRED for a rendering.

Exterior rendering of a house with brown siding and white trim. Exterior rendering of a house with brown siding and white trim.
Original Image
Exterior rendering of a house with white siding and black trim. Exterior rendering of a house with white siding and black trim.
Color Rendering Example 1
Exterior rendering of a house with yellow siding and white trim. Exterior rendering of a house with yellow siding and white trim.
Color Rendering Example 2

The example shown above was photographed with a professional grade camera in good lighting. Individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a color consultant and an interior designer?

A. A color consultation is focused specifically on the colors to be painted on the walls, ceiling, trim, and possibly the cabinetry/millwork in a space. An interior designer has a larger scope of work that may include selecting fabrics, furnishings, window treatments, hardware, floor plan changes, and/or hard materials such as tile/wood/stone, etc.

Q. What can I expect from my color consultation?

A. During your color consultation, your Color & Design consultant will complete pre-work based on the information provided when the appointment is made. This will allow the consultant time to bring ideas together to make the most of the 30-minute session. During the session, the color consultant will kick off the appointment with a discussion on the space itself, existing elements (furniture, flooring, etc.), and the color goals. The consultant will then share the initial ideas pulled together in advance of the meeting to gather more information on what appeals to the homeowner (or what misses the mark). From there, more colors will be discussed, with the goal of ending the call with three (3) color scheme options that meet the project goals and the color preferences of the homeowner. After the consultation, an email will be sent with a recap of the conversation and color swatches in your choice of color will be mailed to you via USPS. Additionally, clients have the option to add a digital rendering service to their consultation for $30.

Q. Why do I need to fill out a form? Won’t I be able to give my consultant information about my project during our session?

A. You’ll likely discuss some of the information included on your consultation form with our consultant, but prior to the appointment your consultant will spend time evaluating colors that will work in your home. By doing pre-work based on the answers shared on the questionnaire, your consultation will be focused on colors that are apt to work in your home, bringing you closer to a color decision. The more detail that can be provided, the better.

Need more information? We have even more about Virtual Color Consultations on our FAQ page.

Gray dining area featuring a rustic table with books, vases, and branches, and chair topped with white fur blanket.

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Several straw hats hang on a wall painted in October Mist 1495, a softly-shaded green and the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022.

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